Currently there are no issues. All systems and networks are functioning perfectly.

System Status

There are no issues with our network, nor any reported problems from upstream providers.

Server Nodes.
All VMware ESX Cloud Hosts are operational. DRS and HA are fully active.

There are no issues with any of our SANs or storage fabric.

All backup servers and storage are operational. Backups are executing as scheduled.

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Our skilled and trained technicians are available around the clock to assist you. Just open a support ticket and we'll get back to you quickly.

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Case Study

  • A Quarter Of

    A Quarter Of rekindles fond memories of Flying Saucers, Kola Kubes, Sherbet Fountains and many other old favourites. Huge success leading to site downtime was bitter sweet so Cronos stepped in with a high performance scalable solution.

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Service Monitoring

As well as 100% uptime on our CronoSphere hosting platform we can ensure that your web applications are working in an optimum manner 24x7 with true Quality of Service analysis.
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