Often overlooked, or added as an afterthought but at Cronos we take backup and data security very seriously indeed. We consult with every customer who hosts on our CronoSphere platform to ensure a comprehensive backup strategy is in place giving complete peace of mind.

Veeam Cloud Provider, Gold

Since we’re using the industry leading hypervisor, it makes sense that we also use the industry leading backup and recovery software – Veeam. As a Veeam Gold Cloud Provider we can offer you the very best in backup without any upfront license purchase – we operate a pay-as you-go model.

Why our Backup is better

1. Our backups take minutes to run, not hours.

The CronoSphere platform uses Veeam Backup and Recovery. Designed and optimised for VMware environments, backups run extremely quickly, typically in a few minutes each night. This speed is achieved via a number of features:

  • Changed Block Tracking: Only the blocks of data which have changed since the last backup need to be read.
  • Dedupe and Compression. Data is deduped and compressed which means less is written and therefore faster.
  • Direct-SAN Access. Our backup servers talk directly to the SAN at 10Gbit requiring no CPU or I/O from the server or underlying hypervisor.
  • VMware VAAI integration: Operations such as snapshots and atomic locking are hardware assisted for speed.

2. Our backups use very little storage space.

Through a combination of changed block tracking, de-dupe, compression and reversed incremental techniques we can keep a very large retention history whilst using very little storage.

3. Fast and powerful restore functionality.

If need be we can have a restored VM up and running in two minutes making use of Veeam’s vPower Instant VM Recovery. We can restore entire machines, or files/folders/databases extremely quickly.

4. Zero impact on customer workloads.

Our backups can run without any server or operating system interaction or using any CPU resource on the hypervisors. Applications will be unaware that backups are running.

5. Offsite backup as standard.

All of our backups are automatically made to offsite storage, ensuring further peace of mind against disaster. No additional charges are made for this differentiating feature.

Case Study

  • ESco

    ESco is a publishing services bureau which provides a large range of services to a number of key clients - managing subscriptions and hosting e-commerce sites. They needed a host that could offer the rare blend of excellent service with a robust hosting platform.

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We've got you covered

Service Monitoring

As well as 100% uptime on our CronoSphere hosting platform we can ensure that your web applications are working in an optimum manner 24x7 with true Quality of Service analysis.
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