Our experts become your experts. You'll come to rely on us and we'll never let you down.

We firmly believe that our technical knowledge and determination is the best in the industry. Years of positive comments and customer testimonials reinforce this belief. We have certified skills and more importantly, lots of experience which we believe is far more valuable.

It is quite common that during the migration period and acquisition of a new customer, we are asked to resolve issues within their existing hosting environment that their current provider is unwilling or unable to do.

We offer a free migration service to all new customers during which we’ll re-architect your infrastructure if need be. Many of our customers have been sold a golden promise that’s turned out to be a pipe dream. We don’t make ridiculous claims or statements; if we promise a solution then we deliver.

Once migrated, we’ll start optimising your applications and databases making them run faster with less resource usage. Better for us and our platform, better for you and your wallet.

What our clients say

For the record, what once took 10 hours to run, just ran successfully in 20 minutes!

Matthew O’Malley, Technical Manager esco.co.uk

Put us to the test – plenty have, with a track record of 100% satisfaction.

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Case Study

  • A Quarter Of

    A Quarter Of rekindles fond memories of Flying Saucers, Kola Kubes, Sherbet Fountains and many other old favourites. Huge success leading to site downtime was bitter sweet so Cronos stepped in with a high performance scalable solution.

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We've got you covered

Service Monitoring

As well as 100% uptime on our CronoSphere hosting platform we can ensure that your web applications are working in an optimum manner 24x7 with true Quality of Service analysis.
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