At Cronos, we believe that every single server should be protected by an enterprise firewall. To achieve this we have harnessed the power of VMware's enterprise security product: NSX.

NSX runs directly on the hypervisors which guarantees the very best performance and throughput available. Transfer rates of up to 10Gbit are possible should that be required and will not require any resource from servers.

Click here for a comparison of performance between NSX and hardware firewalls.

An external dedicated firewall offers many advantages over built-in software firewalling:
Comparing dedicated firewalling with built-in software firewalling
Dedicated Firewall Built-in Software Firewalling
Hardened “made for purpose” device Sits alongside the OS and is subject to attack itself
Cannot be disabled by a webserver hack/vulnerability Should a hacker exploit a vulnerability on the server, the firewall can simply be turned off leaving you exposed to further backdoor or remote shell exploits
Attacks are mitigated, allowing protected servers to continue functioning as normal Attacks can saturate the networking stack of the server, preventing normal operations
Offload of processor and network Servers may experience slowdown or denial of service if an attack is made
Superior configuration, management and audit Sometimes system admins temporarily disable firewalls for debugging purposes and forget to re-enable them
Easy to read firewall rules ensures good security Arcane config can lead to accidental holes

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