Disclosure to Law Enforcement

Occasionally, Cronos is required by law to submit customer information to law enforcement officials when presented with a valid RIPA or order from a court or government entity. Information requested is disclosed as directed pursuant to the RIPA or order. Cronos utilises great care in keeping customer information safe and private and will only release information described in the RIPA order. Cronos will notify customer of the information request to the extent permitted by the RIPA or order.

Reporting Violation of the Acceptable Use Policy

Cronos accepts reports of alleged violations of this AUP via email: support@cronosinternet.co.uk

Reports of alleged violations must be verified and include name, contact information, IP address, and description of the violation. Cronos owes no duty to third parties reporting alleged violations; provided, however, Cronos will use commercially reasonable efforts to review all verified third party reports and will take appropriate actions as described within the resolution process as set forth below.

Resolution Process for Violations of Cronos’ Acceptable Use Policy

The ultimate goal of this AUP by Cronos is to balance the rights of our customers while ensuring full compliance of this AUP. The goal of our Resolution Process is to mitigate service interruptions while resolving potential violations under this AUP. Our staff are dedicated to working with the customer in resolving potential violations. The resolution process below provides the process for resolving all potential violations. Timing for resolution differs according to the degree of the violation, the nature of the violation, involvement of law enforcement, involvement of third party litigation, or other related factors. Overall, Cronos is dedicated to working with the customer in resolving all potential violations prior to any service interruptions.

Step 1: First alleged violation of AUP:

The customer will be contacted with information regarding the potential violation of Cronos’ AUP. This is often a fact-finding inquiry requesting further information or notifying the customer of the potential violation and the required actions to resolve the issue.

Step 2: Acknowledgement of violation of AUP:

The customer will be contacted with information specific to the violation. This ticket will also include any additional facts about the situation and will notify the customer of the action required to resolve the violation.

Step 3: Violation of AUP disregarded, or not addressed by the customer:

Cronos engineers will turn the public network port to the specified services off. Access to the services may then be achieved through the secure private service network for customer resolution. As soon as the violation is addressed, the public access shall be restored and service will continue as normal.

Step 4: Failure to address violation and resolve violation:

If customer fails to address the violation AND resolve the violation, a suspension of services may occur in Cronos’ sole discretion. This is a last resort for Cronos and only results when the customer completely fails to participate in Cronos’ resolution process. A permanent suspension of services includes reclamation of all dedicated services and the destruction of customer’s data.

Disclaimer: Cronos retains the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse new service to any individual, group, or business. Cronos also retains the right to discontinue service to customers with excessive and/or multiple repeated violations. No credit will be available under Cronos’ Service Level Agreement for interruptions of service resulting from AUP violations.