As well as 100% uptime on our CronoSphere hosting platform we can ensure that your web applications are working in an optimum manner 24x7 with true Quality of Service analysis.

Our deep inspection monitoring systems can predict application failures before they happen. We can examine historical data to spot an anomaly within service response times for example. Typically servers suffer periods of slow response before service actually fails, we can identify these issues and resolve them before any outage is experienced.

Never receive an email or phone call from a customer asking why your website is down.

We can monitor every aspect of your service with immediate engineer notification should a problem be identified:

  • Web service availability, both HTTP and HTTPS
  • Processor, memory and disk utilisation
  • Load and general service availability
  • Quality of Service

100% uptime, guaranteed.

Our promise is to identify and resolve issues before you or your customers notice. It's like having your own personal sysadmin who never sleeps.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Case Study

  • Meetupcall

    Meetupcall provide HD quality conference calling for customers all around the world. A large number of technical challenges prevented Meetupcall from moving into the Cloud. Cronos solved those challenges with the industry leading CronoSphere platform.

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