Our 100% uptime SLA is no marketing ploy. Whilst others might say it's not realistic or achievable, we're proud to think differently and our track record shows this.

Since putting our platform live, we've had zero interruptions. We've performed a number of complex VMware upgrades, network upgrades, server upgrades (with reboots) and SAN firmware upgrades.

We chose our infrastructure carefully to ensure that we were truly capable of "non-disruptive upgrades". We've employed certified (but more importantly) experienced staff and its due to these choices that we're maintaining a solid track record.

We're not saying that there will never be problems. However, our Service Level Agreement sets out our commitment, our intention to deliver 100% uptime. Why aren't other providers striving to genuinely provide 100% uptime? We are.

What our clients say

TessChoob develops and operates mission critical websites and online services. It is hard to imagine a higher level of personal attention, fast response, and flexible dependability than we enjoy through the great service with Cronos.

Simon De Banke, tesschoob.com

We would love to show you how capable our platform is and what truly resilient hosting is all about.

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Case Study

  • A Quarter Of

    A Quarter Of rekindles fond memories of Flying Saucers, Kola Kubes, Sherbet Fountains and many other old favourites. Huge success leading to site downtime was bitter sweet so Cronos stepped in with a high performance scalable solution.

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We've got you covered

Service Monitoring

As well as 100% uptime on our CronoSphere hosting platform we can ensure that your web applications are working in an optimum manner 24x7 with true Quality of Service analysis.
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