You wouldn’t let just anyone look after your pride and joy, so why should your servers and infrastructure be any different?

For the majority of our customers, their entire business is in our hands. To complement the robustness of the CronoSphere platform, we have a range of managed services designed to keep your data and infrastructure completely secure, in perfect health.

Managed Backup

Backup is often one of the most important, yet overlooked business key functions. Whilst the CronoSphere platform is as robust as possible, the most common cause of data loss is simply human error. Dropping the wrong database, copying the test database over the live, running untested SQL or simply making a typo and removing the wrong directory, all sysadmins will have heard (or participated!) in such deeds. In this scenario the only possible remedy is a restore from backup.

We offer the industry’s most comprehensive Managed Backup service to ensure all of your data is protected and in such a way that we can recover you quickly from even the most extreme of disasters.
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Service Monitoring

In today’s world of complex software and integrated solutions, applications can sometimes fail. Enjoy a good night’s sleep and quality family time at weekends safe in the knowledge that we are monitoring your servers and applications. We provide 24x7x365 eyes on, with immediate engineer response in the event of an issue. Save a few quid on Pingdom too.
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Systems Administration

Many organisations cannot justify skilled IT staff, or those that do have them spread thinly on the ground, covering a number of IT tasks. It’s unlikely the same guy changing your office backup tapes also happens to be a dab hand at linux server administration whilst moonlighting as a database optimisation guru. If you have him, great. For everyone else we offer a comprehensive service to ensure that your systems are always patched and performing optimally, spotting any resource issues in advance. Let us work for you proactively rather than suffering a mad panic when a server fills a disk.
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Case Study

  • Meetupcall

    Meetupcall provide HD quality conference calling for customers all around the world. A large number of technical challenges prevented Meetupcall from moving into the Cloud. Cronos solved those challenges with the industry leading CronoSphere platform.

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  • DR Made Simple

    Disaster Recovery (DR) is an important aspect most commonly overlooked or simply ignored by IT managers.

    What if DR could be included in a solution easily and without breaking the bank? In this article we show you how to achieve just that.

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Service Monitoring

As well as 100% uptime on our CronoSphere hosting platform we can ensure that your web applications are working in an optimum manner 24x7 with true Quality of Service analysis.
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