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Wed 02 Oct 2013 | View all blogs

One of the industry buzzword trends right now is “stealth mode” – a term given to a startup company which is operating “under the radar”. I’m unsure why anyone who wants to grow a successful business would not want the world to know about them. Perhaps the reality is simply “We’re not ready to come to market yet” but “stealth mode” sounds much more snazzy.

We haven’t bought any stealth technology from the military but it’s fair to say we’ve been under the radar. Quite simply, we weren’t ready for marketing.

Truth is, we’ve been so busy providing hosting solutions for old friends that our website took something of a back seat. However thanks to our friends at Isle Interactive, late nights and energy drinks we now have a website that’s more than one page for Google to crawl.

And so it starts here, we’re now officially open for business and promotion. We’ve handpicked a fantastic team who think the way we do, that good “old fashioned” customer service is the most important aspect of running any business. Yes we’ve the skills and an impressive platform to be proud of, so if you’re reading this and aren’t a Cronos customer, why not put us to the test?

Many have and are now customers for life.

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